8 summer nail colors to try this year

I don’t know about you, but I’m patiently *waiting* for hot weather, tank tops and the chance to wear this season’s nail polish. The easy luxury of a fresh mani not only compliments my summer capsule wardrobe, but also improves my mood. What more could a girl want?

In summer 2023, we’re seeing a lot of cool luxury trends combined with light, neutral nail colors, but don’t get it twisted – there’s still plenty of fun and bright shades around. The only problem? You will find it difficult to choose. For some inspiration for your summer, we’ve rounded up the ones we can’t stop thinking about.

1. White milk

If you are not into the bright hue, don’t worry: the milky mani is the cut of her nails-Girl until this year, and it doesn’t stop in the summer. For a little more color, you can also choose milky pink.

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2. Barbie is soft

Hue in summer is very important, pink is a color you will not regret if something new inspires you. Barbie movie and love all things pink right now, try leaning on soft shades instead of bright neon to change things up.

3. Fruit preference

When Rhode said that they summer color palette golden hours and delicious fruits will be inspired, they do not play. Hailey Bieber had a gorgeous fruit glazed mani to compliment her limited edition jelly lips, and this nail (and lip) look has been what everyone’s been wanting ever since.

4. Light blue

Blue is having a season this year. Whether you’re into the denim-on-denim vibe or you love the usual bright cobalt, choose the shade of blue that best suits your style. You can’t do any of them well at this point.

5. Coral Red

Ever since Sofia Richie wore that dress Nudies Matte Cream Blush in the shade of Picante, no one can stop dreaming of the beautiful coral red. If you, like the rest of us, want to join the hype this summer, choose this shade for another mani.

6. The minimum French plan

Classic and white manicure girls united. Try this minimal French manicure if you want to look understated, polished and elegant this summer at all your events.

7. Green grass

The old shade of green will take you from the tennis court of the city to the rooftop of the bar and the girls in style this summer.

8. Turquoise

And the release of the new A little girl The shades come in all mermaid-inspired shades, including this bright and fun turquoise shade.

Comments: This nail polish is replacing almonds as an internet favorite