7 Productivity Habits That Make Women Successful

In my mind, I’m the type of woman who makes it easy to accomplish everything on their to-do list while making time for self-care. But to be honest, a long list makes me nervous and nervous, and I lose my mind if I go on for a long time without stopping. Obviously, I have yet to master the whole “work smarter not harder” mentality.

That said, even though we all work in different ways, I now know that there are universal creative traits that all women thrive on – a discovery I made after interviewing together with three women who work in fitness recently.

If you want to become the kind of woman who maximizes their life in the most productive way possible, you are in the right place. With these tips, you can manage your workload and daily tasks and still make time for yourself with ease. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about the productivity habits of successful women.

Erin James

Business and Life Coach, and Founder of SQUAY and Home Owner Lab

As a business and marketing strategist and consultant, James is passionate about advising, empowering, and coaching entrepreneurs in life, business, and innovation.

Jennifer Longmore

Business Success Strategist, Mindset Coach, and CEO of Soul Journeys®

Longmore has built an eight-figure business in consciousness and combines his expertise in spirituality, social work, education, and financial literacy in his coaching programs to help clients fulfill their deepest desires.

Alyse Bacine

Breathwork Practitioner, Spiritual Counselor, and Director of Alyse Breathes

Using her master’s and counseling psychology and extensive background in the field of mental health, Bacine helps women who feel stuck in their lives change their reality and reach the next level.

1. They know their peak time

This may come as a shock, but not all successful women came of age. In fact, they use their own chronotype—AKA their body clock that affects activity and alertness levels—to plan their day accordingly. Longmore explained that this prevents them from jumping from task to task and putting more brain power and energy into the task at hand.

Successful women don’t fight inside because they know it’s a losing battle. Therefore, night owls will spend the morning slowly settling into the day and normal tasks, such as answering emails and attending meetings, and work best in the afternoon and early morning. And the larks and the third bird focus on the laser in the morning and in the middle of the morning, and they will complete a difficult task, research at this time.

2. They are raising their to-do list

By now, you know that having a to-do list can help you organize your tasks, priorities, and tasks. But successful women take their lists further by promoting them. James told me that they would keep several to-do notes and make separate ones for personal and work tasks. In the task list, they will create two columns – one for the big, common tasks, and one for the details and requirements for those big tasks. Having these pillars helps them stay on track and not forget anything.

Also, James added that successful women organize their to-do lists in order of priority—what must be done first and what can wait. They will look at deadlines to prioritize and determine the most important and urgent measures; Quick actions are time sensitive and have immediate consequences if not done on time. Urgent and important tasks will go to the top of the list followed by important and unimportant tasks, urgent and unimportant tasks, and finally, unimportant and unimportant tasks. is not important.

3. They focus on the task at hand

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when the to-do list is a mile long, but successful women combat this by focusing on the task at hand. According to Bacine, they will not be caught in the bigger picture and how much money they should make. Instead, they will turn their attention to urgent tasks and more important things, and complete those at the same time in order of importance. For them, it’s about what they check, not how much they check, and this idea helps them work better and faster and makes them feel more satisfied at the end of the their working day.

4. They rely on blocking time

Successful women pretend they have more time in the day than the rest of us mortals, but the truth is they have found ways to be productive. They know that moving between different tasks will make them ineffective and ineffective, so they will assemble and assemble as needed.

“I limit my time to have three days in a row,” Longmore told me. This means taking times (like 6:00-9:00, then 9:00-12:00, and 1:00-5:00) and filling them with similar tasks so that more can be done. “I’m a multitasker who wants to ‘do everything’ without all the time, so I combine what I want or need to do that makes sense to combine together.”

5. They plan ahead

Successful women also maximize productivity by planning ahead. Knowing exactly what to do when they wake up in the morning makes their lives less stressful and saves them time and precious brain power—they don’t have to think about what needs to be done and when. So, they will set aside time ahead of time that fits personal and urgent tasks, leisure activities, and personal care. “Simple things like planning your meals for the week, picking out an outfit the night before, or making a to-do list after work for the day can help you be more productive,” says James. told me.

6. They promote work-life balance

There’s a misconception that being active is the only way to succeed in life – but successful women are (thankfully) rewriting that narrative. Successful women know that working around the clock with little to no sleep is a recipe for disaster and burnout, which is why they prioritize work and health balance. “If you’re tired, take a break,” Bacine told me. “Listen to your body. You are not a machine, so don’t act like one.”

When it comes down to it, successful women give themselves permission to quit their jobs. And giving themselves little downtime is key to success; they start each work day with more energy, energy, and motivation than the day before.

7. They have special focus tools

Contrary to popular opinion, successful women are not exempt from feeling mid-day or mid-week depression. But they fight by keeping special equipment that focuses on their armory. Whether it’s going for a brisk walk, throwing on some background music, taking a deep breath, or drinking more water, Bacine, Longmore, and James turn to their tools every time they – want energy.

At the end of the day, successful women are productive because they focus on getting things done. They know when their peak time is and how they work, when to take a step back, and how to prioritize it. Turn to these principles for guidance, and soon you’ll be exploring, working, and achieving goals like the successful woman you are.

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