7 popular hairstyles for summer 2023

There’s a reason the phrase “summer tips” is trending on TikTok right now, it’s because there’s no better time to change your look than before the new season. Summer is all about accepting a less is another approach when it comes to beauty – specifically in terms of hair.

Thank you, the best summer of 2023 hair cutting technique will give your bike all the volume, pitch and finish of your dreams, whether you’re swimming at the beach, napping by the pool, or crossing off your to-do list your bucket. Ahead, check out this summer’s top hairstyles for every length and texture. Get your phone ready – you need to call your hairdresser to get an appointment ASAP.

1. The ‘C’ Cut

Short for long curly cuts, the ‘C’ cut is undoubtedly the most popular haircut trend this summer. This haircut, which works specifically to make the hair look good, emphasizes the face and creates a face. However, these aren’t traditional face shapes—they curve around the face, blurring the color.

In addition to highlighting the front, the ‘C’ cut also works to spread the layers throughout the length of the hair, creating effortless movement and full volume. Basically, this cut is a new and trendy style called ‘Rachel’s haircut’ (see Jennifer Aniston’s hair take a look Friends). What we love most about this cut is that it adds volume and is easy to style.

2. The Butterfly Cut

The butterfly cut has been popular since the beginning of 2023, and it’s not going anywhere this summer. This viral TikTok hairstyle sounds perfect. These layers are bold and bouncy, they combine well with the bang curtain grown. To get this look, ask for all the butterfly braids and side-length bangs. When it comes to styling, use a round brush to sweep damp hair out of your face. If you want even more volume, add a spritz of texturizing spray and toss your strands.

3. The Bixie Cut

What do you get when you mix bob and pixie cut? You wait for it. The cut was destroyed. This contemporary take on two hairstyles features a super short cut with a piece, a pixie flare. You’ll see a lot of texture in the shag, which makes the bixie less jagged than a traditional pixie. In addition, you can see the long back and sides.

Last year, the Mixie—a cross between a mullet and a pixie—was popular, so this style is like a new variation of that. This length softens the bone, making it soft and smooth. If you have curly hair, this cut will enhance your look, adding layers to the length to enhance each curl.

4. Bob’s Box

It’s true: Bobs are here to stay. The main purpose of Bob’s box is to fake fullness, hence the reason why it has so much trim. This unusual cut creates the illusion of weight from every angle, no matter how thick your hair is. In addition, the hairline and hairline are cut, which helps to highlight the bone structure. If those aren’t enough reasons to love the style, it’s also easy to manage – mainly because it’s so beautiful when it’s being manipulated. (Think: bed head.) For best results, curl up a few pieces, run your fingers through them, and place your hair on top.

5. Shaggy Lobs

Imagine you’ve spent the day by the pool. Your skin is still warm as you hop out of the shower to wash the suntan lotion off your body and the salt from your hair. As you dry, you add a little mousse to your roots and brush your strands thoroughly. The results? This hairstyle is so awesome, some would kill for it. Yes, we are talking about the shaggy lob.

The must have hairstyle has taken Hollywood, and stars like Jenna Ortega January Jones showing eyes. This precise cut with a bone-length bob with many layers is seen throughout the season. To make this hairstyle perfect, combine it with messy curtain bangs.

6. The Blunt Bob

Not to be confused with the box, the shiny bob is sharper and shorter than the original. (Think Bob is breaking Hailey Bieber’s internet she debuted at the beginning of this year, but even more cropped.) Although blunt bobs have been around forever, this summer style can even feature some graduation at the back, emphasizing the length face-framing pieces. In addition, this cut gets new support for the summer due to the simplicity of its style. Plus, some beauty experts on TikTok are predicting that side bangs will make a comeback—and side bangs look great with bobs.

7. Make layers

There will be no shortage of layers this summer, thanks to making layers. This specific cut is different from the traditional cut since these fabrics are applied inside hair is different from the outside. Finally, the inner layers help to create the shape under the hair to create even volume and fullness. Such a cut is good for anyone who wants more volume, regardless of whether they have curly hair or curly hair.

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