50 ways to spice up your life this spring

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I have always been a seeker of magic in life – those moments that sparkle and shine and the simple beauty that surrounds us. I am a romantic at heart, always looking for the beauty in every day. TObviously, this idea is not fatal. Rather, it’s an observational trait. Loving your life, even though it has become a form of social media, is based on finding joy, love and peace within yourself. It’s a process of organizing not only your day and your activities, but how you see the world while always putting yourself in a way of beauty. And what better time of the year begins to happen and more water?

With the cold weather (mostly) behind us, it’s time to start celebrating the color, warmth, and goodness that comes with the transition from winter to spring. I’ve collected 50 of my favorite ways to spice up your life below. Keep reading to learn how to get the most out of your spring and start sticking to the power of each day.

1. Create a “morning time.” Make the most of your morning wake-up call. Prepare your beverage of choice, light your favorite candle, and spend five minutes reading your new book. Wayyy better than going out the door.

2. While you’re at it, come up with your dream morning routine. Of course, you can let the “girls” of the world inspire you, or you can do it completely. What will bring you joy before entering the work day? Do it first.

3. Drain your closet. Simple fabrics and bright colors – the time to enjoy your wardrobe is now. If you haven’t heard, Romcom main come in, and we are ready to accept Nora Efron leads the way.

4. Pack a picnic. Whether you’re going out with your partner, meeting up with friends for Saturday lunch, or bringing your books to the park for a day out – dining is always delicious al fresco.

5. Update your status board. Some people create new boards every year, but I like to let my seasons change. Take the old school technique and print out images from magazines or Get your inspiration on Pinterest and create digital models in Canva.

6. Go to a matinee. There is something beautiful about watching movies in cinemas and streaming. Maybe it’s popcorn?

7. Make a jar of joy. Variations of this practice have been floating around since the beginning of the year, but here’s my twist. Each week, on a piece of paper, write down one positive experience you had in the past seven days. Put it in a jar, and at the end of the season, read each one and reflect on the joy that season brought.

8. Spend time with yourself intentionally. Some call it dating, others may refer to it as dating. But I love the idea of ​​creating a weekend morning, a random afternoon, or an entire day to get to know yourself better. Just grab a coffee, take yourself out to dinner – anything goes! Remember: you can drink and eat on your own.

9. Buy yourself flowers. Miley said it best – don’t expect someone else to shower you with your peonies or ranunculus. Go to Trader Joe’s, pick up a few bouquets, and DIY your own arrangement. After all, no one knows what you love like you.

10. Change your space. *Cue romcom apartment overhaul montage.* Would your bed look better on the wall? Can you get more inspiration working in front of the window? Do your homework.

11. Start a herb garden. There are many tools and resources online to help you get started. The best? You can make it as small or as big as you want. (Of course, the best part is using fresh, home-grown herbs in your pizzas and pastas.)

12. Start a creative company. No time for hobbies? Do you have a side project that you would like to improve on? Every week or every month, invite your friends over or meet at a nearby restaurant where you can work together on your passion. The community—and the interview—was amazing.

13. Write a letter. Every time I pull out my favorite station and pen a few love letters and thank-you notes to friends and family, I feel like I’ve been transported back in time. And that – from a Bridgerton a lover-not a bad thing.

14. Use beautiful things. That bottle of wine you’ve been saving? China gift from your grandmother? Clothes you keep for special occasions? Drink it, use it, wear it. Don’t wait for the perfect time – the time is now.

15. Switch to exciting technology. You know those.

16. Make your coffee table ~aesthetic~. Save on a few book designbeautiful things, and flower pots (maybe your arrangement from idea #9?).

17. Set the scene for dinner. Turn off the lights, turn on your favorite vibey playlist, and cook alone.

18. Disconnect. Get off your socials, email and phone completely. Schedule an hour a day or a day a week where you are free from your technology.

19. Drive for driving. Is it just me, or is ‘driving’ a form of unlimited therapy? I find that I can solve a lot of things by getting in my car and leaving without a destination.

20. Upgrade your vacation bed. Do you have a habit of sleeping in your high school football shirt? Do you pull out any old shortcuts and play it safe? Invest in a good mattress. It won’t be expensive, but it makes a difference.

21. Join the CSA. It’s a great way to get fresh, farm-grown grass and to support your community. Plus, who doesn’t like good products?

22. Connect with yourself first. In the morning, before you pick up your phone or talk to anyone, look within. Whether that’s journaling, meditating, or just sitting quietly for a few minutes, put your peace first.

23. Take risks. Spring is the best time for road trips and the trip itself. Think of a trip you want to take with yourself, your SO, or your best friend. Whether that’s going camping or planning a stay in your hometown, make it special. (And remember: that doesn’t have to come out loud!)

24. Improve your sex life. Still these conditions are acute working their magic.

25. Clean your closet with water. When you’re faced with all the patterns you’ve bought into that don’t wear, make a commitment to shop for something sustainable or something this season.

26. Dive deep into astrology. Or human design. Or anything about you. These actions can be a motivating reminder that there are forces outside of us that support our journey.

27. Clean up your life. It’s never too late to make amends!

28. Shop for food at a small specialty store. Maybe it’s just me, but there’s something wonderful about grocery shopping in a foreign country. You can have the same experience right at home by shopping at a specialty store. Eat food around it—and yes, that food can be good bread, good butter, and fun to make.

29. Put an idea on your nightstand. No, it’s not a place to dump things you don’t want to put in their proper place. If you’re tired of waking up in the middle of nowhere, prepare something: your book, a flower, maybe a lamp, and a glass of water. Notice how I didn’t write “phone.”

30. Make your junk drawer a goodness drawer. I did this a few months ago and it completely changed the game. Clean out your junk drawer and turn in all the things you’ll do well: supplements, confirmation card, your journal, etc. Trust me, it will bring more joy.

31. Be snobby about your coffee. Or tea—not in a bad way! What I’m saying is, know what you like and own it. Whether that’s a French press, pour over, or you prefer black tea over green. Taste test your way through all the hot drinks and connect with your favorite.

32. Update all your travel documents. Love girlies preparing girlies. If your spring or summer trip includes a European vacation, it’s best to understand now (not at the gate) and your passport has expired.

33. Make your three dinners a proper teatime. Have you heard? All the hot girls are eating colored chickens. And although it’s not important for your hotness – it’s a state of mind, after all – if you haven’t jumped on the tinned train, now is the time. I like it on baguettes or nut crackers. Adding a glass of rosé doesn’t hurt.

34. Get your orgasm– every day if you like.

35. Make infused water. Citrus slices, cucumber, lemon, mint, strawberries—the possibilities are endless. If you’re making it a priority to drink more H20 this year, you might be in the right place.

36. Delete your apps and any unused subscriptions while you’re at it. It’s one small act that can make your phone a source of joy.

37. Buy new plants. Because it is spring, and our space deserves a little green.

38. Be kind to yourself. If not now, when? Write a few positive affirmations or draw on list to help you get started. Say your favorites in the mirror until they spin and feel real. It may take a while, but it’s okay: this is practice.

39. Find a movement you connect with. PSA: You don’t go to the gym if you hate it. Warmer weather – repeat your warm-up routine with a walk, throw a frisbee with your friends in the park, or move your yoga routine to a place you feel like it’s zen. That’s right, we’ve come to view exercise as punishment.

40. Sign up for your local garden. Living in the country, I don’t have much opportunity to get my hands dirty and plant my own flowers and plants. But I got in touch with my neighbors and found out that there is a local park about 10 minutes from my house! I can’t wait to get out there planting, watering, and getting a nice profit.

41. Go to a local event. In spring, towns and villages across the country come alive with the outdoors. From movies to art to random events—they’re the perfect excuse to get outside and connect with your community.

42. Ditch multi-tasking for good. In 2023 and beyond, we’re taking things one step at a time. Anyone who thinks multi-tasking is a skill has yet to experience the true joy of entering a flow state.

43. Take your lunch break. No, “taking a break” does not mean checking email while you clean your salad. Turn off your computer and leave your phone on your desk. Go for a walk, connect with a colleague, or have some alone time. It’s your time, take it how you want.

44. Find your signature style. I never really knew what perfume I liked until I smelled it Melrose Place of Ouai. It takes a little experimentation, but the process is worth it to find a scent that makes you feel good.

45. Look for the heart. Unfortunately, I can’t remember the podcast I first learned about this practice, but it completely changed the way I see the world. Now, when I walk and walk throughout my day, I look for a heart. I light up when I see the artwork the kids have drawn on my neighbor’s window or the chalk art on the sidewalk on my way to grab coffee. Get ready for your thinking to change in a profound way.

46. ​​Recommit to what you loved to do as a child. Whatever sparks joy in your life, follow that feeling.

47. Get some sunlight first. It’s one of the most powerful ways to set your circadian rhythm and keep it going throughout the day.

48. Create motivational music. Create a vibe with all your favorite music. Yes, early-aughts bangers totally count.

49. Share you. I’ve found more joy in social media than ever by creating Reels that feel like scrolls – I don’t make them for anyone but myself. They document my life in a way that I enjoy looking back on, capturing moments and memories as they are. I’m going to go ahead and say that I might love Instagram because of this new approach.

50. Create an after-work order. Yes, there is more to life than hopping on the couch and a Trader Joe’s meal The Bachelor (although that sounds pretty cool). Create a routine that will help you transition from work day to day you time. Does that include changing into your comfies? Lighting a candle? Playing playlists? Whatever sounds good, make it your vibe.

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