5 summer activities that won’t break the bank

Ah, the sweet sign of summer: happy hours on patios, stocking stuffers beach bag, and the unfortunate truth that my wallet is hurting. Between outdoor concerts (I’m looking at you, Eras Tour tickets), weekend getaways, and my refreshing wardrobe, I always find myself in need of money these days at age. While I can’t wait for the fun and excitement of summer, my bank account says otherwise. It asks me to enter my credit card.

If you’re like me and going into your budget this summer, here are a few summer activities that you can try to cut down on spending at the same time as the most expensive (and -active) throughout the year without slowing down at the end. fun. From picnics to kids’ activities, you’ll want to keep this list and add these summer activities to your summer bucket list.

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2. Throw a picnic

Gather two of your friends and spread your best picnic blanket at your local park, your backyard, or the beach. This package picnic bag of your favorite Trader Joe’s food, charcuterie sticks, a bottle of wine or a can of non-alcoholic wine for one, preparing for an aesthetic, but expensive, afternoon. Use your summer playlist to create the perfect vibe for you Bluetooth speaker and make everyone wear their favorite sundress from their bedroom.

3. Visit a state or national park

What better way to save money than to spend it on nature? Head to the nearest state or national park for a beautiful hot girl with some great views. Better yet, check out the area for cheap weekend getaways (or try switching to a camper or RV if camping isn’t your thing). Prepare some camping instructions around the fire and snuggle in a good tent sanctuary under the stars.

4. Explore childhood hobbies

I don’t know about you, but some of my favorite summer memories are from my childhood. Neighborhood parties, hanging out with friends at the park, and ordering a scoop of ice cream from the ice cream truck continue to be some of my favorite summertime moments. Tap into your child-like wonder and revisit the old summer pastimes you used to love. Here are a few options to make your storage space:

  • Roller skating
  • Football game
  • Swimming
  • Crushing flowers
  • Stone carvings
  • Seeing the stars

5. Visit your local farmer’s market

Farmers markets double as holiday events and grocery shopping – win-win! Fill your tote bag with organic goodies and flowers while you sip an iced coffee or grab a friend for lunch from a food truck. There is no better, cheaper way to spend a weekend morning. Here are some farmers market tips for your next move.

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