5 Rom-Com Water Bottles

Spring has sprung, which means we’re officially in Romanticize Everything season. Between the cherry blossoms and the dogs and raincoats, it might seem like we’ve been placed in the title sequence of an early 2000s rom-com. But before you show off your beautiful encounter, you need to organize your *water suit*. One that will be Jenna Rink, Kathleen Kelly, or Elizabeth James-approved. So who better to inspire than the screen heroines themselves?

The trendy ’90s and Y2K outfits are right on the streets of SoHo today. Which is why our favorite romantic comedies from 2002 serve as fashion trends for our boards in 2023. Leather jackets, LBDs, and cotton candy pink ‘fit — hello, character! And while we’re on the fun side, here’s a spoiler: You’re living happily ever after with *that* person at the grocery store. And now you are just a girl, standing in front of her room, looking for something to wear. We’ll take it from here.

1. Notting Hill

Source: Universal Pictures

Julia Roberts is forever our style icon, and her character is dysfunctional, impossible to look at. Notting Hill defeat us all. While yes, she is an A-list celeb playing the part of an A-list celebrity, her outfit is less red carpet and more street style. The leather jacket-beret-Vans combo is the ultimate in grunge, and we can’t get enough of the cool spring day look.

jacket | jacket (extra) | pants (plus) | beret | die die | shoes

2. 13 Going on 30

Source: Columbia Pictures

Oh to be 30, dating and doing well. Apparently, all it takes is some desire and a nice (although it’s unrealistic) walk in the closet. Jenna Rink’s fun style of play appeals to 13 people and 30 years old in all of us – and luckily it’s easy to recreate. A monochromatic pink print with a magazine rack is a must-wear this spring.

cardigan | cardigan (extra) | tank | a coat of arms | skirt (extra) | a mule

3. The parent trap

Source: Walt Disney Pictures

Nancy Meyers never fails to create movie magic, as well The parent trap is nothing else. We watch it over and over again—for the quirky touch, the timeless design, and of course, the timeless fashion. Which brings us to our next point: Elizabeth James is always beautiful. We’d happily borrow any and all of her clothes, but the little black dress she wore with her ex-husband looked perfect.

clothes | clothes (extra) | handbag | shoes | scarf

4. Girl in Manhattan

Source: Columbia Pictures

We never know when we will meet in love with a political candidate under false pretenses, so it’s always good to look like that and like when, just in case. We have J.Lo to thank for this outfit inspo (which happens to be a perfect change for spring). A white tank top with matching wide leg pants is the best outfit. Make it look more casual by trading in pumps for a pair of sneakers.

bodysuit | bodysuit (plus) | pants | pants (extra) | trench coat (plus) shoes | hoops | the neck

5. You have information

Source: Warner Bros. Photo

This can’t be a complete list without the rom-com queen herself. Although we associate Meg Ryan with everything that falls, the final scene and You have information encapsulates everything that makes spring the romantic season it is. Kathleen Kelly’s beige dress and short sleeves are sweet and simple, especially against the backdrop of Riverside Park in full bloom. For the same effect, pair this look with cropped daisies (aka your best friend’s flower).

cardigan | cardigan (extra) | clothes | clothes (extra) | bangle | hoops | room

What to wear depends on your favorite TV RN character