30 awesome lampshades for under $100

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Whenever you’re decorating a home, it’s easy to let lighting fall to the bottom of your list of needs. After all, isn’t shopping for furniture and decor more fun? While having a place to sit and something to look at is obviously important, lighting is also important—and shouldn’t be overlooked. The best table lamps are some of the best options to up your lighting game because they’re easy to find, quick to set up and don’t need to be expensive.

If you’re struggling to find table lamps for less than a few hundred dollars each, it’s time to expand your search. There are many retailers where you can find table lamps that are also chic and budget-friendly. We’ve rounded up the best options we could find, all of which would look great on a nightstand in a bedroom, on a side table, on a reception desk, or anywhere else. you need a supplement. light. Whether you’re looking for a statement lamp or a subtle one that pulls your room together, here are 30 of our favorite table lamps for under $100.

Chic table lamps under $100

Table lamp next to the table in the room

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