25 ways to be sustainable starting now

Being kind to the planet is something we can all achieve, but when you’re looking for ways to be more sustainable in your everyday life, it can be hard to know where to start. After all, pollution, plastic waste, and climate change are big problems that cannot be solved overnight or by one person. But that doesn’t mean your actions aren’t important. The best way to be sustainable? Take it slow and steady by making mindfulness a part of your daily routine. Over time, all the green options can add up to a big difference.

Below are 20 switches that anyone can make right now to become more supportive. Whether you’re in awe of going green or just need a few backyard tips to inspire your friend, enjoy! Accepting even one suggestion from this list means you will do more.

25 ways to be sustainable, starting now

1. Buy second hand whenever possible. Whether you’re shopping for your home or looking to freshen up your wardrobe, thrift stores are a treasure trove of adorable options that don’t involve waste.

2. Build your diet around seasonal crops. Not only are fruits and veggies this season fresher and easier to find, but they’re also cheaper because it takes less effort to grow them and pick them up at your local grocery store. .

3. Use a reusable beeswax mask for fruits, veggies, cheese, and leftovers instead of buying plastic wrap or baggies that fall around the house.

4. Shop in stores instead of online. By buying directly from the store, you eliminate the need for shipping and shorten the supply chain, which reduces waste. Plus, you’ll probably get it right the first time, and you’ll have trouble returning.

5. Fix things when they break instead of replacing them. This goes for clothing, household items, electronics, and many other things. If you take the time to repair a damaged item or rethink a damaged item, will it still be used?

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6. Bring your own water bottle. Instead of buying a plastic bottle when you go out, grab a refillable one at home and take it with you.

7. Eat less meat. Since animal products have a higher carbon footprint than most other foods, switching to plant-based foods a few times a week can make a big difference. Vegetarian recipes are a good place to start.

8. Take out your paper towels. If you can’t bring yourself to throw them away completely, switch to using a towel and hide the roll “just in case” in the closet.

9. Choose a bamboo toothbrush. Plastic toothbrushes take hundreds of years to decompose, meaning every toothbrush you’ve ever used and thrown away is still out there. For a sustainable alternative, try one made from bamboo, which is less prone to corrosion.

10. Try a menstrual cup. Relax and discover the waste-free freedom that comes with using a menstrual cup instead of throwing away tampons and liners. Tip: it’s okay if it takes a lot of effort to get it right. Do not give up!

11. Save the tissue on paper through online shopping. Also use it as a paper.

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12. Cook more at home. Not only is making your own food cheaper than eating out, it can also help reduce food waste in the long run.

13. Experiment with shampoo bars until you find the one you love. And use the ones you don’t make into soap or soap.

14. Invest in another disposable straight razor. Your haircut game will never be the same.

15. Cut the decorative layer and the paper towel in half to use twice in them. Or go the extra mile and invest in laundry instead.

16. Say no to plastic straws— because honestly, do you really care?

17. Switch to toilet paper that doesn’t come wrapped in plastic. Companies like this make it easier to buy toilet paper and the environment and the added value of building toilets for people in need around the world.

18. Take the right path. Desperate recycling—AKA throwing everything in the recycle bin thinking it will be properly processed later—doesn’t make sense. Instead, take a few minutes to find out what you can recycle in your area.

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19. Skip the plastic production bags at the grocery store and put your products directly into your shopping cart (or cloth shopping bag). You have to wash it every time you get home.

20. Wash your clothes with cold water. It takes a lot of energy to heat the water for hot water, and cold water works well.

21. Turn off the lights when you leave the room. Your parents probably took the guitar to you growing up, but as it turns out, they were right.

22. Don’t refuse bags when shopping. Many boutiques and stores love to buy jewelry and what is actually a wrapped gift. Although it is beautiful, it is not necessary.

23. Remove name from physical junk mail list. Is this six ways to do it.

24. Make your pet friendly. Choose a biodegradable litter box or make your own kitty litter.

25. Start reading. If you don’t know why, you’ll feel like you can try to be more sustainable. There’s a lot of great reading material out there, so pick a topic that interests you — whether it’s how plastic is made or preventing overeating — and start there. (A bonus for checking out books from your local library!)

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