Niger SUBEB and UNICEF initiate modern lesson plan for Primary Schools

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The Niger State Universal Basic Education (NSUBEB) and United Nations Children Fund (UNICEF) have collaborated to introduce a modern lesson plan for primary school teachers in the state. The plan was introduced during a four-days training for the state Teachers Development Team (TDTs) and Teachers Facilitator (TFs).

The lesson plan is a modern Based Numeracy Skills Additional Term II that would be used by the teachers to teach pupils in primary one to four classes. Assistant Director Education of NSUBEB, Malam Abubakar Yusuf remarked that participants were being trained on modern ways of preparing a lesson plan.

Niger SUBEB and UNICEF initiate modern lesson plan for Primary Schools

Lead Facilitator, Dr Chado Umaru, said that Niger state was adopting numeracy, a scheme of Educational Support Programme of Nigeria that would be used to teach pupils of primary schools. He noted that the participants are being trained on how to add the numeracy method into their lesson plan and are expected to pass down the training to teachers in 677 UNICEF focal primary schools in nine local government areas.

One of the participants, Mohammed Ndanusa from Gbako, said they were being trained on the structure of lesson plans such as addition and subtraction using numeracy. Another participant, Malama Ladidi Maudu from Munya, said the training would make teaching and understanding of mathematics a lot easier.

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