AKSU renovates main gate in readiness for resumption

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The management of Akwa Ibom State University is currently doing its best to put the school in a better position with the help of the Vice-Chancellor and other prominent staff in the school and they are really trying their best. 

I was in the school compound, and noticed that the school has made provisions for handwashing points in almost all the buildings. This is part of the efforts to curb the spread of the coronavirus.

AKSU renovates main gate in readiness for resumption

Akwa Ibom State University is also handling the project of linking the main campus from the main gate along Ikot Enin to the campus at Akot Akpaden.

However, the most obvious project, is the ongoing renovation of the school gate that is expected to give a facelift to the school entrance when it is completed.

Reported by Joy Unuebho

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