20 essential water essentials to make your space shine

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Daisy ceramic mug, air conditioner, small space, desk organizer, and metal ball pen.

Spring is the time in between. It’s not too hot to take any chances to get out, nor is it cold enough to stay cool for a few days. But as the weather gets warmer, the sun shines brighter, and the days get longer, the urge to get out and about gets stronger. Naturally, this can have a negative impact on your work performance. After all, it’s hard to focus on the task at hand when you choose to drink celebratory drinks elsewhere.

That said, one of the easiest ways to combat this and stay on top of your sh*t is a beautiful, attractive design. With these 20 chair essentials, you can give your office the refresh it needs this spring and stay focused and productive all the time. Continue to learn more.


Aroma Nook Cool Mist Diffuser

Springtime water allergies won’t stand a chance against this cool air conditioner. With beautiful lids and LED lighting options, place on the corner of your desk and fill with your favorite essential oil blend to bring calming vibes, fresh scents and fresh air into your space. .

Etsy | Indemira

Ceramic Daisy Embossed Mug

The neutral color and daisy design of this beautiful glass make it perfect for sipping hot drinks at all times.


Inspirational pen set

Sometimes we just need a little reminder to keep going because we’ve got this. On days when you’re feeling down, grab one of these inspirational and motivational books to remind yourself of that.

Liquid water

A glass of water

Whether you’re on the go or just finishing up, this glass water bottle will help you stay hydrated while reducing your environmental footprint. And with a bamboo cap and neoprene gloves, your water will be cool and fresh.


A seat

Water and drying are almost the same, and this small space is perfect for staying on top of things. Thanks to its design and high performance, you can clean and keep your space spotless and dust free.

Studio McGee x Target

Masala Rose Candle

If you find yourself dreaming of standing in a field of spring flowers, light this candle. The scent of roses will make you feel like you’re enjoying a sunny spring day while the ceramic vase brightens up your living space.


Joyous food processor

The temptation to order food after a long day is very real, but this delicious meal planner can help you curb those cravings. Designed to make it easy, this planner comes with a weekly planner, a space for each meal, a tear-down grocery list, and a beautiful page of pasta cooking times to make cooking easier than ever. whatever.

Take root

Thorn Tree

Keeping a tree nearby is one of the easiest ways to keep the air clean and breathable in your space, and snake plants are extremely low-cost plants that make them ideal for your office.


Acrylic weekly calendar

With weddings and baby showers just around the corner, and other events on the horizon, this beautiful and stylish acrylic calendar will help you organize your to-do list and daily tasks for the week ahead.

Beauty is rare

A gentle lip balm

Give a girl the right lip balm and she’ll take over the world. Formulated with nourishing jojoba oil and sunflower oil, swipe on for soft color before your next travel meeting or throughout the day for some confidence.


Balance Bingo Pad

Striking a work-life balance while working AF isn’t easy, but this bingo pad can help. With space to record and exceed daily goals and accomplishments and reminders to pause, take a deep breath, and reset, self-care will never fall by the wayside.


Elliptical Station Starter

The days of having to choose between work and work are over. Place this elliptical under your seat and reap the benefits of added movement throughout the day as you continue to walk the boss-chick.


Screen Cleaning Mist

Your screen should also be cleaned of liquid. Keep this nice, clean mist close by and use it before you head in for the day. Your future self will thank you the next day at work because having a clean screen will help put an extra pep in your step.


Marble Pattern Alarm Clock

A timer for work that increases productivity, and makes it sleek. This multi-functional alarm clock allows you to set the time, alarm and more, and the marble pattern makes it a modern addition to any desk.


Fabric file box

Do you often have random files and documents scattered everywhere in your workspace? One. Do yourself a favor and invest in this file box so that you can store important documents as a result and keep your space neat and organized for maximum concentration.

Marie Kondo

Calm Landscape Design

Made from sustainable products and a design that’s meant to be cool and inspired, this landscape organizer is perfect for holding the smallest of desktop essentials and will keep you in your element all season long.


Stop Charging Cables

Thanks to this magnetic charging stand, you can charge your phone and AirPods while you work and go for a hot girl walk when you sign up for the day.


Acrylic Flower Coasters

As you switch to cold drinks, use this refreshing drink to avoid unwanted stains on your table.

Twelve South

Curved Laptop Stand

It doesn’t matter what time it is: Taking care of yourself is always good. Say goodbye to awkward situations and tech noises with the ergonomically curved laptop stand.

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