18 Cocktail Recipes to replace your first cocktail

Maybe you’re hosting a dinner party and need a signature drink to tie the entire menu together. Or maybe you want to feel a little better as you sit outside to refresh yourself after work. Either way, having a bougie wine to sip on can make any time you enjoy it feel extra special. In fact, these cocktail recipes require a little more effort than opening an empty bottle of wine in your fridge and pouring yourself a glass. But hey—this summer, we’re ready to spice up our lives to the fullest, if that means mixing fancy wine with fresh herbs and fruit juice in one night without system, we are here for it.

If you need inspiration on how to put your wine truck to work, look no further. These cocktail recipes are the perfect treat when you want to mix up something a little special.

Source: Cookie and Kate

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Source: Cookie and Kate

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