15 Sunday rituals to set you up for the week

What’s indisputable about me: Sunday is my favorite day of the week. I know that’s almost as offensive as if I love to run or that salad is my favorite food (both are true, BTW), but Sunday is no longer a sad end. at the end of the week or at the start of the week. Instead, Sunday is a make-or-break day that I use to set aside my entire week for happiness and success. Get rid of your Sunday fears and make the most of the day with these 15 Sunday activities that will set you up for a successful week:

1. Food preparation

The most important part of the Sunday celebration, meal preparation is a very important way to ensure that your week is set up for success and that you have easy and healthy meals at the ready, even on your busiest day. The key is to do the type of meal prep that works for you. Maybe meal planning and grocery shopping is enough or maybe you want to prepare some basic meals to use during the week, like roasted vegetables or healthy breakfast muffins . You can also prepare food instead of eating to make cooking easier during the week: boil eggs, slice lemon wedges, or wash and cut veggies.

2. Choose a topic for the week

We’ve focused on to-do lists and goals, but what about setting goals or topics to focus on throughout the week? We can replace negative thoughts and phrases that are not good for us but can also help us to be more confident or feel less depressed, and we can set goals for each week that will help us live the best life. Every Sunday, select confirmation or “theme” (like being present, recurring, or having more fun) and write it down each day in you organizer lest you forget it. Then, live your entire week around this belief or theme.

3. Continue with self-care

A little self-care on Sunday is nothing new, but keeping up with skin care, hair care, and general TLC will not only help you feel relaxed and beautiful heading into the week, but you will look and feel the best. First, set the mood: dim the lights, light the candles, diffuse essential oils, play relaxing music, and wear nice clothes. Save all the luxury products you love, or a bat bomb or vitamin C serumand prepare for a full day of rest. Take a bath (or have a great shower), treat yourself to herbal sleep and DIY lymphatic massage, and treat yourself to beauty treatments at home.

4. Make a to-do list (based on life goals)

Making a to-do list isn’t a ritual of change, but do you have long-term goals in mind when making a to-do list? Before making your weekly to-do list, ask yourself where you want to be in 5-10 years. Everything on your to-do list should help you take action to achieve these goals. For example, create a business growth plan for your side hustle, take 30 minutes to read a book to keep up with your work, or work out if your goal is to work harder. In other words, a to-do list of even simple tasks should have a long-term perspective.

Making a to-do list with goals in mind will show you where you should be focusing your time and where you could be spending less time. Sure, you’ll have to do mundane chores or boring tasks, but figure out which ones you can outsource and do things first that will get you closer to your goals to ensure that you’ll -do it (yes, that means do it). and the workout or brain session you’re putting in).

5. Wear your favorite clothes

The smallest of rituals or actions can make a big difference in boosting your mood and setting the tone for the rest of the week. To beat the blues that come at the end of the weekend, save your favorite OOTDs for Sunday. But that means a timeless piece that makes you feel like a million bucks (you can’t go wrong with an LBD) or a floral dress. that makes you happy every time you wear it, put on clothes that make you feel good from head to toe and get ready for the next week.

6. Get your inbox empty

If your Monday morning feels like a whirlwind the second you wake up, set your week up for success by moving forward. When Sunday should influence like Sunday (instead of extending the work week), spending just 10-20 minutes getting some work done will help you start your week feeling better. If email is a source of stress, clear your inbox, or if scheduling seems like a chore on Monday mornings, schedule a meeting with your deadline. Think how wonderful your Monday mornings will be when your inbox is already empty and your calendar is organized!

7. Read

I am the queen of excuses when it comes to frequent reading. “I’m so tired,” “I don’t have any new books,” and “How can I expect to do anything else with my free time after all?” The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is it on Peacock!?” is my excuse all the time. But reading is not just fun, it’s good for you too. Whether it’s swinging before you go to bed on Sunday night, spending time in the afternoon, or the celebration you look forward to when you start your day, fit in the next time to read. About What reading? Start with books you can flip through on the weekend or page turners that will help you escape reality if the Sunday Scaries set in.

8. Organize your home

Food in the sink or laundry piled up on the chair (we all have it on the same chair…) can prevent you from getting enough rest when you sleep at night or can cause the more anxious you are when you start the next day. The clutter in your space can translate into clutter in your mind, so take a short time out of your Sunday to do a quick wash of dishes, clean the kitchen appliances, and put away the pile of laundry in the bedroom. An uncluttered bedroom will help you sleep at night and a clean kitchen will make you feel more relaxed the next morning.

9. Check your bank account and make weekly goals

Personal care isn’t always about bubble baths or face masks. Sometimes, self-care means being an independent adult and doing what you can to feel in control of your finances. When having a detailed financial plan and adopting good financial practices can help you reduce money-related stress and get what you want in life, feeling in control of your money doesn’t always require time and energy. At the beginning of each week, take a minute to check your bank account and credit card statements. Starting the habit of checking them often can help detect fraud early and it will give you a good idea of ​​where you are spending hard money and where you can save.

10. Schedule a workout

You schedule meetings, times, and plans in advance, so why not schedule your workouts, too? Not only do you have to have a 10 am jog or a 5 pm exercise class and your calendar will be accountable to make sure that exercise happens, but when you prioritize—time just as you prioritize work or dinner with your friend, you’re making a statement that self-care is as important as any other part of your life (because it should be). Treat your scheduled workouts like anything else on your calendar: Show up on time, be prepared, and don’t cancel at the last minute.

11. Detox your desk space

For the best start, a good start to your week, your work area should be clean and organized (remember: clutter in your space can turn into confusion in your mind!). A poor work environment can add to the feeling of stress, fatigue, and anxiety that comes with the beginning of the work week, so minimize as many interruptions as possible on Sunday. Invest in a desk essential to keep your work space clean, clean out your desk drawers, and even wipe down your computer. If you don’t have a desktop, you can get the same benefit by detoxing your desktop (AKA deleting that folder of Christmas decor inspo that’s been sitting there since December), organizing contacts, or installing any updates. (to avoid that annoying post. throughout the week).

12. Get out

Being in the beautiful outdoors can improve your mood and help calm stress to feel happier and more relaxed. Even just 20 minutes sitting in the park or taking a walk can lift your mood and help develop important skills that contribute to happiness, such as courage, kindness, and the feeling of fear. For an immediate mood boost, get out on your Sunday: have your morning coffee on your balcony or porch, go for a bike ride, or even sit by the window to get some benefits. If you have free time, consider putting it in the park or on the beach instead of on your couch, and if you plan to work, take it outside for a quick fix. and your steps that will make you feel good for others. of the week.

13. Choose your clothes

Fatigue determination is real! We make many decisions every day, even within the first few minutes of waking up: whether to hit snooze, when to turn on the coffee pot, and what to wear (which is about 100 different resolutions). Small decisions make us feel so overwhelmed that we cannot make even the most important decisions. To prevent and avoid the mental exhaustion and fatigue that many of us experience on a regular basis, eliminate as few decisions as possible before your week begins. Choosing the right outfit for the week on Sunday means that your energy can go to important things during the week, like important work (or, you know, what to serve for lunch).

14. Have sex

Whether it’s a little ménage-à-moi, chatting with your partner about what you want to try more of this week, or making a list of the things that made you happy today (silk pajamas, one cup. coffee, sleep, etc.), take time to use tap into your emotional side. Bonus: Looking at yourself in the mirror and putting on a playlist that keeps you going will set up the rest of your week for more confidence, happiness, and joy, and that and leave the bedroom.

15. Take time to do everything

Sundays often come with many “shoulds.” “Yes should be a grocery store,” “Yes should doing laundry,” or “I should continue with work.” Although many of the rituals listed in this collection are “must haves” that will help you have the best week, there is one more important ritual that you need will add to your arsenal: to do anything. Instead of waking up to rush from one thing to another, make your coffee, turn on your music, and just be – guilt-free.

10 things to do on Sunday to set yourself up for the best week ever