15 sex positions to try this weekend

Prediction is a good thing sometimes. I like knowing that my electric bill is always under $22 (dad lives in a 300 sq. ft. studio), that my dad is always available on Sunday afternoons for phone calls, and that I have can always look around. episodes of Gilmore Girls on Netflix during work-from-home days. There is something about knowing that you don’t have to worry about anything, that it will always be the same way.

Sex is not one of those things.

Getting into a sexual relationship is inevitable. We like what we like! But after a while, doing the same old thing gets boring, and we all know what happens when sex with our partner is boring: both parties get angry, frustrated, and lack of passion. sex (so that your sex may even fail). The easiest way to break out of routine is, without a doubt, to try new situations. It’s a timeless way to make sex fun and exciting without actually trying everything (I would always recommend switching things up to spice up your sex life , I disagree).

These are not situations that would make him “crazy”; these are the conditions that will make you happy with your partner. So, what do you have to lose? Whether you’ve tried these and forgotten about them or you just want a little change from your usual missionary (shame, hot missionary), we’ve got you covered.

15 sex positions to try

1. A girl

It is clear that the main thing, but many people do not feel comfortable on the surface, or their body or do not know what to do. If this is a new position for you, try putting your feet in different positions to see what works best for you. Straight leg squats can be a great exercise for your thighs, so try running one leg out to the side. If you are having sex with a pregnant person, have them bend over on one knee to see if it is easy for you to spread their legs slightly apart.

If sex can be painful for you, sitting on top is good, as you can control the depth, speed and pressure. Another way to make this easier on your knees and thighs is to have your partner support your back with his legs bent at the knees. If you’re in this situation but want to take it a little further, go for another girl (turning so your back is in front of your partner) instead!

2. Legs Above Shoulders

This is something people avoid if they don’t think they’re flexible enough, but you’d be surprised! This situation does not require crazy changes, but it helps if your partner helps you. This is good because it brings your legs together, making your knees stronger and shaking around the calves or toes. This position is called “G-Whiz” because it makes hitting your G-spot easier. (I hope this made it to the top of your list!)

Bring your partner as close to you as they can on the floor and lift your legs up, using your shoulders and chest to hold them up (look, you won’t be able to do that transition).

3. X indicates a dot

This movement gives you a deep penetration and increases the chances of having an orgasm inside due to the part of the penetration that comes, and the best part is that it requires little effort from the partner and – entered. Find a flat surface—like a bed or a table—and have the recipient lie on their back with their legs and feet crossed at the knees or ankles (either is fine). From there, the intruder can pull himself deeper with his other foot.

4. Missionary Pretzel

If you have a vulva, set yourself up to be the ground for a standard missionary. Have your partner lean on top of you, put their hands on each side of your face, and wrap your legs behind them, crossing your legs and ankles to resemble a salt dish (so the position name). This small change in position will allow your partner to penetrate deeper, which in turn will give you more G-spot stimulation inside.

5. Oral sex: knees to chest

Getting uncomfortable with oral sex is a real thing. So do what the designer says and try to bring your knees down to your chest. It may feel awkward at first, but it’s a new way for your partner to get everything. It can also be a form of loose slavery. Your hands are busy holding your legs while touching your partner or telling them exactly what to do.

6. Sitting face to face

You can do this position on a bed, on a couch, or in a chair. The face to face of this situation allows you to connect with your partner and is obviously sexy. Try to have them sit all the way with you on top, straddling them, or you can try to sit on a chair and enter them in front. You can also try wrapping your legs around them; This allows you to get closer and more intimate, and it makes doing your kegels while they’re inside you easier (and a lot, you are my is hot).

7. Spoon

This is a great pose to try in the morning *wink wink*. If you have sex with someone who has a birth, obviously, you want to be a small spoon position, but you can be a big or small spoon if you have penetrative sex with the fingers . This helps you get closer to your partner. The penis or finger comes from a different angle, so it can be different and hit your G-spot easily. Woohoo on that! If it’s easier, you can also lift your upper leg up here.

8. Mixing spoon

Perfect for making under the blanket, on a lazy Sunday, or while watching Netflix – a mixing spoon is just like a spoon but better. He throws a vibrator into the mix and gives the donor direct access to the erogenous zone. So, grab your favorite vibrator and position yourself as you normally would for a spoon. Then, have the recipient spread their legs outward, bending their knees to their chest or wrap their legs behind each other’s legs behind them. From here, the partner can insert a vibrator as a result.

For those who have a vulva that acts like a small spoon, you’ll want your partner to place a sex toy directly on your clitoris for clitoral stimulation. You can also upgrade and add to some installations, although it is optional. However, direct internal stimulation combined with external stimulation from a vibrator is a sure way to achieve an end.

9. Bed linen

This can be done for sexual intercourse or oral sex. We all know what the glute bridge looks like, right? Basically, this position requires holding the gluteal bridge in a typical missionary position. The surface allows your partner to get deeper and put your head in a different position. This provides an easy opportunity for your partner (or you) to stimulate the clitoris while you are entering or going down on you. All win for everyone involved if you ask me.

10. Legs

Looking for a good workout and workout? You have come to the right place. If you have a vulva, lie on your back and have your partner kneel. When they lift you up, wrap your ankles around them and the rest is about finding the speed and sound that will knock your alarm.

This is a great situation for couples who like to be leaders. They can raise or lower your hips any way they want, and you can close your ankles to give directions.

11. Oral sex: Turns on your side

This works for both give and receive interactions. If you are giving, have your partner lie on their side facing them. This can be on the edge of the bed or in the middle and you are lying on your side (this can also include any middle schooler preference number, in 69 situations!) If you -get it, you can follow the same method: lie on your side and let your partner come from the side. This will be different depending on your body and the person you are giving intercourse to, but the main focus here is to change the perspective so that you are not facing each other directly. Again, we’re trying to change the angle to hit different parts of both the clitoris and testicles, so keep that in mind as you try this position. The views are also good in this situation, so you must turn on well.

12. Hands behind ankles

You will be able to get through your yoga class with this. Think of it as pilates moves meets doggy style. With a careful movement, the person who enters it gets behind the recipient, who pulls their leg behind the back of the century (go as far as you can! ). Good for dirty talk, this position is good for giving energy or stuffy nose. If you’re on the kinky side, add a pair of cuffs to the mix. There is a time for a little slavery.

13. Lie on the edge of the bed

The move is different from the missionary and the leg above the shoulder position, this includes your partner to stand on the side of the bed while you lie on the edge. You can put in a feet-over-shoulders position here, or you can pull your legs into the chest, drawing in a “V” shape, or whatever is comfortable. The good thing about this position is that your partner is stable on the ground, so they can push deeper and control (which means faster or slower, which whatever you like!).

14. The linguini

Of course, the name is a little funny – but it gives great results if you are looking for a position that allows much deep penetration. However, despite the small skin contact close to this situation, it can still be really intimate because both partners can look at each other in the eyes when they go to him. Have the recipient lie on their side while the donor kneels behind their legs with one knee between their legs and always leans on top of each other, and -stand with their backs as they enter. Of course, if your partner has genitals or uses a strap, you will want to be down, if you use fingers or have non-penetrative sex, you can be high or low.

15. Tawdry and Tub

Didn’t you hear? Shower sex is love 2022. Now it’s time for sex to take a shower and get the attention it deserves. This position is good for looking after each other and intimacy, as it never chases penetration. Sit face-to-face with your partner, and make sure the receiver has their legs over the penetrator’s shoulders.

This is the perfect option to start your weekend with a bang (literally and figuratively) or end it with a relaxing night with your loved one. Elevate the mood by turning on the shower head and letting the mist fall on both of you. Or add an eye mask to enhance the effect.

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