15 Haircut Tips to Help You Survive Summer

As much as I love the sun, the beach, and every bar in sight, the care that comes with summer is not my favorite thing in the world. Hair cutting, for me, is the worst part of it, so I always ask for advice. First, it takes FOREVER. I personally prefer to shave my legs, arms, and bikini line in the afternoon, so I like to shower for three hours and a haircut day. Then I was sick of shaving for too long—so I shaved and cut myself, making my shower disgusting. But a haircut doesn’t have to be a big production. We’ve rounded up our favorite tips to save you time, stress, and resources.

1. Don’t be afraid of men’s razors

As I found my favorite Athena Club sword, sometimes I look for something that will do this work a little faster and better. That’s where the man’s blade comes in. The blades on men’s razors are slightly more compact than on women’s razors. Think about it: sometimes men have thick beard hair, and this is meant to be their face. They want something strong but also soft and proof. Men’s razors can also be easier to use, since they need to move around the front. It will swing well around the knees and ankles.

2. Find a blade you love

It’s important to find a razor that works for you and your skin concerns. Our editors love this one, which features five blades that have been tested to give people a real shave. Not only does it provide soft, close-fitting hair, but it features a hydrating hyaluronic acid serum to prevent breakouts and irritation.

Source: Athena Club

3. Use tools specific to your bikini area

Getting a bikini shave is usually an hour-long affair, but this time, I was out the door and on my way to the beach ASAP.


Hydro Silk TrimStyle Moisturizing Reba

This razor is a GENIUS for the bikini area. One feature is the five-blade razor that works well on your legs and under your arms. The real magic is at the other end of the blade though, which is a functional tool that can be used in the shower.

Gillette Venus

Venus For Pubic Hair & Skin Razor

Venus brought out the first razor designed for hair (but they’re not afraid to call it what it is: hair!). Editor tested and approved: this blade is sharp as hell and I don’t worry about cutting myself in the worst places to cut myself. Unlike other blades, I have no irritation with this one. A game changer.

Yes People

A sensitive flesh blade

If you find any razor leaves you irritated with nicks and ingrown hairs, a safety razor like this one might be the best. It’s very soft, but still cuts his hair close.

4. No shaving cream? Add soap

Soap is the worst thing you can use if you want smooth and clean skin. Not only is soap harsh on the skin, soap in general contains ingredients that will dull the edges of your razor. Conditioner, coconut oil, strong body cream, or body oil works well with pins, without the risk of hair loss, nicks, and cuts. When you have a shaving cream, I say go for a thicker consistency rather than a gel formula. Those tend to run wet when you shave, leaving you feeling soft.

5. Exfoliate

This is really good advice, but it needs to be said. I do this every time I shave, not only does it make my skin look like baby’s skin, but it also removes all the dead skin that prevents me from getting the best shave. near. My favorite way to exfoliate is to use a sugar scrub because it’s quick, easy and makes it less irritating.

6. Shave at the end of your shower

Ever since I first learned to shave my legs, I shave while leaving my conditioner on for the 2-3 minutes the package says. However, one of the best tips I’ve learned (especially for shaving my bikini area!) is to make shaving the last step in my shower. The hot water and steam from your shower slowly opens up your pores and cleans the skin on the surface, so shaving while the steam has a chance to do its thing makes it if you get as close as possible to the hair. . It also ensures that there is no skin, dirt, or dead dirt that can clog the blade, which can eventually damage the blade more quickly. ordinary.

7. first shave the bottom, then the top

Every shaving tip I’ve ever read is to shave as the hair grows. Does anyone actually do that?! It’s not me. Instead, I start by cutting the hair in the direction of the hair, then I will make some strokes with the blade going up. This really prevents some of the stress that comes with cutting against the grain and actually removes some of the hair.

Source: Jess Kirby

8. Cover your knees from east to west

The first place I tend to accidentally stab myself with a blade is my knee. However, the key to getting the haircut closest to your knees is to cut the hair in multiple directions instead of just up and down. If you shave from sunrise to sunset, make sure your knees are bent to prevent any nicks. Then, bend your knees and shave in the direction of hair growth to get any stray hairs.

9. Use small strokes to prevent cutting yourself

Another way to prevent cuts is simply by walking slowly. Instead of shaving your beard to your feet in one swipe, shave it with small toes. This also helps you grab every last hair and prevents you from going back and doing more annoying strokes.

10. Keep your nails clean

Keeping your razors clean is key to making sure they last a long time (and get your money’s worth!), and you make sure you’re not putting bacteria on your skin. Great. This starts right after you shave by holding your razor under hot water for about 5-10 seconds and checking to make sure the hair isn’t sticking to the beard. You can also rinse with rubbing alcohol to make sure it’s broken down. Then, clean your razor with a towel, toilet paper, or cloth. If water gets stuck to the material, it can cause them to rust, which we really don’t want. And fast? Hit him with your fists.

11. Moisturize immediately

As soon as I get out of the shower on the day of the shave, my arms, legs and bikini area are immediately covered in a thick cream that will reduce redness, prevent dryness, and soften my skin. . Showering immediately after shaving adds moisture back into the skin that you removed from all the exfoliation. My favorite trick is to use a shower gel right after I shower, and then follow with my favorite body wash. You will shine.

12. Prevent sunburn

A razor burn is the best way to kill my aftertaste vibe. (Do you know what I’m talking about right?! The feeling when you shave when you feel that you just accomplished a great job and you do the list and your skin is how smooth you just want to be anyone touch it?) my favorite. the way to prevent this is a little bit of tea oil. Not only is tea tree oil significant for acne, but toxic substances and antibiotics can reduce irritation from your hair. Apply a small amount to areas where you tend to get razor burn right after you comb your hair before you rinse, and you should be sailing smoothly.


Skin Remedies

This product started trending on TikTok for being the best solution for acne. Read our editor’s review of it here.

13. Protect from the sun

Don’t let the shaved coat distract you from this very important step. After you shave, your skin feels soft, smooth, and your pores are ready to take on the day. Therefore, your skin is really sensitive to the sun. I know you know that you put sunscreen on your face, but it’s just as important for the rest of your body.

14. Protect your razor

The bathroom is the wettest, bacteria-collecting place in your home, and the last thing you want is your razor collecting every single one. An easy way to store razors is in a waterproof zipper bag, but you can also choose to keep them in the bathroom completely.

15. If all else fails, laser hair removal!

I wish I could say that I am not tempted by laser hair removal. Yes, shaving is cheap and easy, but sometimes, you just need reassurance that you won’t erase your bikini line again.

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