15 Best Beach Bags

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Is anyone else counting down to their first beach day of the year? I can’t think of a better way to spend a hot summer day than to spend the sun on the sand. But a trip to the beach doesn’t just require a killer swimsuit you’re confident in; it takes a special kind of packing, with a bag full of beach essentials that can help you through whatever the day and sun can throw at you.

I’m well known to my friends as the girl who comes prepared for everything, – from bandaids for blisters at night to hand cream in my tote bag – so of course I have notes and my phone is ready to send to anyone. who asked, “What should I bring to the beach?”

Lucky for you, I’m stocking up on all the beach bag essentials that make a picture-perfect beach day — no sunscreen included.


Giant Tassel Beach Towel

A beach towel is an essential item to stock up on, so why not make it a fun item that serves as a splash? This bold, printed option will bring all the cool vibes to your beach or pool day.


Beach Blanket can be folded

While your beach towel is for drying, your beach blanket is for laying down. Claim your place in the sand with this easy-to-plant beach blanket, and you’ll be planted all summer long.


32 oz. Water bottle

Leave your small water bottle at home and pack your biggest one for the beach – hydration is key, after all. This has a lock, which will help ensure that no pesky sand gets into your water.


Tie-Detail Sun Hat

The best way to protect your face from the sun’s UV rays? And SPF in the hat. This stylish sun hat is easy to pack and will transform your poolside outfit into a stylish look.


Surrounded by Sunnis

You probably won’t really be picking up your sunnies because they’ll be on your face all day, but we’re partial to this fun, round-up look. .


Crochet blanket

The best part of a beach day is that you have the opportunity to wear a bright, crocheted coat. You can throw it to take you to the water, and even use it as a dress if you go post-river happy hours later in the day.


small nylon bag

Leave your leather purse at home and opt for nylon for your beach day. It is waterproof, easy to clean, and will ensure that you don’t have to worry about getting sand or water in it.


The phone case is waterproof

Whether you’re wearing it or tossing it in your bag, this waterproof case will protect your phone from everyday elements.


Kindle E-Reader

Kindles are made for portability. Leave your books for your beach day and switch to the easy-to-carry, compact Kindle for your reading instead.


Charge lipstick size

Spending all day outside increases the chances of your phone dying. Get ready with a portable charger that can easily fit in your beach bag.

Speaking without words

Puffy bag

The most important part of your beach bag? A small bag that you keep in it. This nylon bag will keep all your small essentials, easy to find, and protect from the sun and sand.


Classic sunscreen

Sunscreen is obviously provided for beach days, and this one smells so good, you’ll want to reapply.

Sun progress

Die-cast front panel

Protecting your face from the sun is important, and the type of face sunscreen will make it easy to reapply throughout the day.

Sun progress

SPF 30 Lip Balm

Yes, your lips need sun protection too. This SPF lip balm will keep your lips from burning all day, and will keep your lips hydrated – even if you spend the day in salt water.


Deodorant wipes

Spending all day in the sun can involve a little sweat, but instead of packing your deodorant sticks, try rubbing on deodorant. These work to rejuvenate your body every day.

Our favorite beach bag


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