14 The best affirmations for yourself ever

What do you do when you are under stress? When you worry about giving a presentation, or your friends hang out without you being invited, or you look in the mirror and you don’t like what you see? What about when something bad happens, or you make a mistake, or you doubt if you are good or if you are good enough or if you are enough to have everything you need ? Some people cope with stress and anxiety by doing yoga, binge watching Netflix, or eating handfuls of Oreos. Although I’m still going back to all those coping mechanisms here (healthy or not), one thing I always have is belief.

Technically, everyone uses a belief, whether they know it or not – it’s the same sentence you hear in your head over and over or say to yourself over and over again. Some lucky people have positive beliefs: I’m scared. What a beautiful day outside. I love my life. And then there is the belief that many of us suffer from: I’m not as good as I am. I’m not good. What if something goes wrong wrong? Most of us hear these phrases in our heads so much that we believe them to be true. So, what if we could replace these thoughts with phrases that are not only good for us, but can help us feel confident, feel less stressed, and live our best lives?

What is “conviction?”

I first learned about the concept of belief by learning about mantras. The word “mantra” is an ancient Sanskrit word, used in Hinduism and Buddhism to mean a phrase that is repeated over and over in meditation. In neurological terms, mantra training can reduce distractions and calm the mind. And it has shown to reduce stress because repetition and focus regulate chemicals in the brain, releasing endorphins and suppressing stress hormones like cortisol. Nowadays, everyone from yogis to modern psychologists are turning back to the ancient method of repeating a word or phrase as a powerful healing tool of sorts.

Aside from the physical benefits, affirmations put you in a better frame of mind, and repetitive nature trains your brain over time. Affirmations can be repeated as a tool for focus during meditation as mantras, used as small consistent reminders throughout the day, or looked at during times of stress, anxiety, or lack of confidence. The goal is to find the confirmation of your click; which makes perfect sense. It’s the phrase you want to hear, and repeat it so you can actually hear it.

These are beliefs that have changed my thinking, confidence and life. Take yours with you, tap it in your head, tape it to your wall, or copy it to your phone’s notes to refer to whenever you need it. Get ready for the strongest, boldest, most passionate and best, yet.

14 affirmations to be your best self

1. “I’ve had enough.”

This is a reminder we can all use at any time. It is human nature to think that we can be better, or that there is someone who is better than us- it is what causes competition and makes us push ourselves to be better. But sometimes, pushing the body becomes a lack of appreciation for who we are now, causing insecurity and self-doubt. Use this affirmation when you’re worried about being liked, struggle with insecurities, meeting new people, or entering a new job. Remind yourself that you are beautiful, just the way you are.

2. “I am ready to be healed.”

Use this affirmation when you are going through a difficult time and are ready to move on or need help to move on. It’s easy to get caught up in the fun because we’re going through a tough time—maybe we lost our job, we’re going through a breakup, or we’re feeling sad in the winter. Although grief and depression are important, and emotions should not be ignored, this funk can become a brutal process of self-pity and drift. The first step to moving forward and feeling better is to admit that it is time to heal and that it is okay to heal. You will begin without knowing what to seek for your own healing.

3. “I’m discovering the superstar in me.”

There is a “superstar” inside all of us, even when we don’t think it is. If the word “superstar” makes you angry, you can call him your highest version, your ideal self, or your own hero. Use this affirmation when you need extra motivation and inspiration to achieve your goals and believe in yourself. This statement is non-judgmental. Instead of hoping for greater things (and the possibility of feeling disappointed or insecure if you don’t), you acknowledge that you are doing your best self-discovery, n ‘don’t expect or judge.

4. “I return my body to optimal health by giving it what it needs at every level.”

Use this belief when you know your body needs (and should) be healthier. Instead of forcing yourself to eat healthy or exercise for nothing, this sentence allows you to reflect on what your body really wants and needs, whether that means getting a piece of chocolate or adding to the green, or sleep and relax. day versus getting up before work to go to the gym. Remind yourself to listen to your body and do something about feeding it.

5. “I am open and accepting of all good things.”

When you look for the good, you won’t find much of the bad. The problems you run into in your daily life, like your train not coming back or your internet being slow, will not be good for you. Use this affirmation when you need a boost of confidence. Train yourself to be a half-perfect kind of girl by repeating this sentence every time you start to complain or notice negative thoughts. There are many good things, whether in a situation, a situation, or in a person. We just have to allow ourselves to be open to it.

6. “Today is fun. I live this day for the sole purpose of enjoying it. “

What if you live as if the purpose is be happy so you don’t check off things on your to-do list or spend the workday until 5pm? Use this affirmation when you find yourself still planning instead of doing it do you live. Notice the value of indulgences that really make you happy: a fresh candle, a long hot shower, a bouquet of flowers you picked up on the way home from work. Add small, fun activities into your day, and when things stress you out like a tight deadline or a boss in a bad mood, remember that this day is for you to have fun, don’t let small problems bother you.

7. “Stop doing people wrong.”

You know those times when you struggle, and often feel angry, sad, or angry? Maybe your roommate is nagging you about doing the dishes, or your kids are annoying you by not picking up their toys. Use this confirmation when you are at the same time. If your mom misses an important event, your best friend is busier than you, or your significant other says something you don’t agree with, remind yourself to think about the other person’s point of view. Empathize with their feelings and express your feelings and understanding that your loved ones do not mean to make you feel bad. Remember that how the incident affects your relationship is not dependent on it them actions, but methods you their names. Search right in the people you love instead of making them wrong.

8. “Be the one who waits to die.”

Use this belief when you are in a relationship setting that you are not confident about. It can be tempting to be the girl who does something bad for school or laughs for laughs (even if it costs others). When we feel insecure, these are simple defense mechanisms to protect ourselves from indifference. But this affirmation reminds me of people of course like being around someone who is kind and warm and happy; who is waiting to die. Besides, what if your purpose is to uplift others? Give them praise, make them laugh, help when you see they need it—you’ll be happier. you What?

9. “I give myself permission to be okay where I am. I know I’m doing my best.”

We are always thinking about the next goal, always feeling or focusing on the future so that we are not interested in the present. We don’t allow ourselves to feel good about where we are in our lives, knowing that is exactly where we want to be and all good things will come. Use this affirmation when you are worried about the future.

10. “I seek satisfaction, not perfection.”

Use this belief if you have a desire to be perfect. Maybe I don’t feel like a perfectionist: I can be clumsy, my right brain is more dominant than my left, and I’m a Libra. Still, I find myself rewriting stories because they never look good, thinking about my hair when it doesn’t flow the way I want it to, but it’s feeling anxious and worried when things don’t go the way I pictured. Does he know better? Remind yourself that the purpose of life is not for everything to be, look and seem perfect. The goal is to be happy. That’s it. That reminder makes all the little things I worry about seem pointless.

11. “I believe that I, and only I, know what is best for me.”

We are often troubled by our self-doubt, especially when we are making big decisions like deciding on a college, getting into a relationship, moving to a different country, or our career. Often we seek support because we don’t listen to our gut instinct, or maybe we can’t hear it at all. Use this belief when making important life decisions. Listen to your gut reaction, and trust that you don’t need to listen or seek anyone else’s opinion because only you can know the answers to the biggest questions in your life.

12. “Don’t go in your mind where your body isn’t”

Are you a worrier, or, like me, yes permanent to worry? Do you wonder if your friends will take your jokes the wrong way, if your boss won’t like the work you did, or how the (perfect) doctor’s appointment will go? And what. Most of us torture ourselves by thinking about things strength happens, we often forget to focus on things is is actually happening. This quote helps me to remember that I am worrying about things in my heart, and that I need to be present with what is happening here and now. Use this affirmation when you are worried about something.

13. “Everything is fine.”

Although it is simple, this powerful belief serves as a constant reminder in everything is OK then will do It’s good Repeat this sentence to yourself when you feel emotional. Anxiety happens because you keep telling yourself that something bad is going to happen, and your mind starts to believe it. Silence that worrying voice by giving yourself peace of mind.

14. “I surround myself with people who make me better.”

We are the average of the five people we spend most of our time with; when you spend time with someone, you can learn their character, their personality, and even their behavior. You have wanted to be more like the five people you hang out with now? Or is it time to change? Use this affirmation when dealing with a toxic friend or jealous co-worker, and remind yourself that you are in control of who you let affect you.

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