10 ways to improve your summer self-care

Although we know that self-care during the summer is important, self-care is not always as easy during the summer as it is at other times when. everyone are cooped up indoors (and no one should share the envy-worthy road picture). During the warmer months, if you’re not living by the beach, hitting the gym regularly, or going on dream vacations every weekend, it’s easy to think you’re – lost. I like to call it FOMOOAPS: The fear of going out in the perfect summer (maybe it’s a stretch?). But to focus on what you are not doing is to take away from what you are should doing: taking care of yourself. Beat FOMO instead, and make this a summer where you put yourself first. Here are 10 ways to improve your schedule so you can have the best time possible.

1. Change your exercise routine

If you are stuck because you take the same exercise every day, heat is your solution. Consider taking your HIIT circuit or yoga flow outside: Bring your mat and sun salutations in the park or go for a walk instead of a run in the sky. Summer is also a good time to try an exercise you’ve never done before: Go for a walk, try an outdoor class, ask a friend to join, or try a new type of exercise (3-2-8 method). anyone?). Bonus: Because of the long days, warm weather, and bright sunlight, we tend to have more energy in the summer, so take advantage and increase energy. Go for an advanced dance class if you’re more of a relaxed type of girl or train for the marathon you’ve always wanted to run. Just don’t forget your SPF!

2. Take yourself a summer vacation

Ah, remember childhood (or High school music 2) when summer is a holiday? Summer vacation means no school from June to August and weeks of pool trips and popsicles are in front of you. Even if we are adults now (sing, sing) and do not have a summer vacation from work (but like, is not a good idea?), you can still apply the same idea. Summer serves as a perfect reminder that work should be part of your life, not your whole life. Take advantage of your PTO, whether that means taking a long weekend for friends to travel or a mental health day where you can sleep in, get outside, and enjoy your life. And if all else fails, turn every weekend into a short vacation (or stay) to make the best time (of your life).

3. “Summer white” your house

Why should wet cleaning be all the fun? Let me introduce you to summer cleaning (AKA turning your home into the warm weather destination you deserve). Since clutter in the home translates into clutter in the mind, having an organized, clean and cheerful home will help you enjoy the warmer months and make improve your mood (I mean, how happy does an organized storage room make you?). Spend a day sorting through your junk drawer, donating clothes you don’t wear, and optimizing the space in your kitchen. But “summer cleaning” isn’t just boring: Update your decor for a happier season with some cool dark room shopping accessories. wear a print or two on the wall, or jump on the grandmillennial trend to brighten up your home (we’re talking floral pillows, rattan sconces, antique-inspired accent mirrors). Small changes like fresh flowers in vases or citrus oils and diffusers can make all the difference.

4. Eat fresh food

While you may be craving hot and cold foods in the winter, you’ll likely be craving new foods come summer. Good food is simple when the weather is hot. Your body needs soft foods, seasonal herbs, and vegetables and the grill suddenly sounds like pasta or pizza. Take advantage of grocery stores overflowing with produce in their prime (think: juicy tomatoes, fresh strawberries, and sweet corn), grocery lists, and recipes. . Good recipes around many interesting people fruits and vegetables that are in season, and served with crispy bell peppers or delicious watermelon. Also, try to add water-rich foods to your diet for hydration points, such as watermelon, cucumbers, zucchini, and tomatoes.

5. Improve your skin care

Imagine this: It’s the middle of summer 2023. You have an effortless glow that even lifeguards are envious of, and a disturbing amount of sweat and SPF on your skin in time all don’t even break you. If that sounds too good to be true, know that you can score a killer tan without the harmful rays of the sun (thank you, self tanning products!), and just because you transfer to the SPF or sweat otherwise it doesn’t. means that you will suffer from acne. Your skin just needs different things in the summer than it does in the winter, so update your routine accordingly. Include exfoliating acid to slough off dead skin, take cooling device to de-puff and reduce inflammation, and make sure you have proper sun care.

6. Take advantage of the long days

So you know the days are longer in the summer, but have you ever thought about changing up your daily routine to make the most of those long days? Longer days mean more sunlight, and more intense sunlight (think about it: waking up at 7am when it’s already light is different from waking up at a dark, cold 7am that still feels like night) . Get well rested by waking up early for exercise or even adding 30 minutes to your morning routine for more “me” time.. And when it comes to staying warm afterward, bring your workout outside, whether that means eating dinner on your balcony or going for a brisk walk instead of the treadmill. work your feet.

7. Go to free technology

One of the best parts of summer is that there is so much to do it is not Watching TV or staring at your computer screen (cool, I love you, but you forced me into the great black hole of Netflix). Decide to go to technology for free at least a few hours a week or even a little time a day. Go on a trip, read a book, or spend time with friends without sharing on Instagram. However you choose to spend your technology-free time, put away your phone, close your laptop, and turn off the TV to enjoy screen-free time. If you want more of a challenge, consider going on a social media vacation for an entire week or limiting social media to a half-hour block each day.

8. Walk everywhere

“Exercise” doesn’t have to mean strenuous, exhausting, long-term exercise. Instead, it just means moving as much as possible and living in smaller homes. Good self-care isn’t about making yourself tired or exhausted, but rather, just doing more of what you know makes you feel good. One of the best parts of summer is that walking everywhere is not only practical, but also healthy. Delighted. Choose your favorite summer playlist or a new podcast, and commit to walking everywhere (at least) within a mile (bonus: it’s better for the world). For other destinations, get creative about your transportation. For example, walk to a long train stop to get another train or try to ride a bike for a faster train that is still working.

9. Grow your own

Even if you don’t think you have a green thumb, summer is the best time to start growing herbs or vegetables (you can do it, I promise). Let’s talk about the reason: growing up is good for you, good for the Earth, and is easy on your wallet, and it feels so empowering that you can whip up pesto sauce and basil from a pot on your balcony. If you have a yard and space, start with staples like tomatoes and lettuce (easy to grow in summer). If you’re at home or don’t have outdoor space, grow fresh herbs on the windowsill or that a smart field.

10. Remember that public health is self-care

PSA: Social connections aren’t the only important puzzle to achieving happiness and optimal brain healthbut it is also an important part of our self-care that we often neglect. I’ve been there: the temptation to skip a beach day with your friends because you’re stressed or worry about dinner plans because everything is on the menu. will do cause constipation. But having strong relationships (and always enjoying them) is what we want and what we want important. Instead, remember that laughing with your friends is actually better for your health than green juice, and happy memories stick with you longer than a salty margarita can. Yes, you can always take care of your body, but this summer, take care of your relationship first.

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