10 spring ideas to try this season

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Your wardrobe isn’t the only thing that needs a little moisture boost! With the start of the new season only a few weeks away, now is the best time to change your home decor to reflect the changing weather and embrace all things tropical. Adding pops of color, fresh scents, heavy linens, and fresh flowers is always on our list of spring activities, but this year we’ve touched on some of our favorite interior designers. us to find out about their home improvement going in the spring. If you too are ready to freshen up your home for the season, adding extra pillows to your room and a waterproof doormat is just the start. Here are all the bathroom decor ideas that designers are using to update their homes these days.

10 Spring Home Decor Ideas to try in your own home, according to the designers

1. Change your skills

One of the easiest ways to freshen up your decor is by changing your artwork—whether it’s on your gallery wall, on your kitchen counter, on your mantel, or is next to your desk. Studio McGee’s art style really hits the spot every time, so we look to them for inspiration how to create art and what to put in the spring to keep the space warm. For example, if you currently have a dark, artistic background on your entry table, change it to a print that includes all pastel colors instead. Simple changes like this can take your home from dull winter vibes to bright and fresh vibes in no time.

2. Change your candle scent

Whether you’re lighting a candle during your daily port of call or always wearing a scent as you wind down for the evening, why not change your theme to honor the new season? The manufacturer Adnan Anwar, who swears by this practice, shares a few of her favorite candles for spring. “I’ve been ditching musky, cedary, leathery scents for lighters and other herbs,” he said. “I especially love the garden mint candles.”

The manufacturer Leah Phillips agreed. “I switch out those sand-colored candles for bright and shiny ones. I have someone called Country Flower Market that’s real water in a bottle.”

3. Change the linens on your table

It doesn’t matter if you live alone or dine with four people – your kitchen table deserves a little love from time to time! “I’m someone who gets an irrational amount of joy from setting the table for dinner,” designer Emma Beryl said. “Even if I’m serving pizza, I like to use nice glasses, napkins, and silverware because it makes the end of the day fun.”

When spring arrives, Beryl keeps glass and bright linens in her room. He added, “I like to use all things blue and green in the spring because it relates to the outdoors and the feeling of the season.”

4. Add a touch of air

Looking for light and airy bedroom ideas? Tuck that flannel blanket into storage and embrace the easy vibe. For producers Danielle Muzynoski, that means giving it a chance once and choosing a timeless home decor that brings the atmosphere around. “I’ll switch out my dark, large pots for hand-blown glass pots, for example,” Muzynoski said. “Pillows and blankets will be changed to light colors and linen textures.”

5. Choose a fabric that is water-like

Your winter sheets kept you warm and cozy during the winter months, but now that spring is here, they’ll be gone! “One of the best ways to update your home at any time is a new bed in the bedroom,” designer Kathleen Walsh share. “I have patterns for fall and winter as well as spring and summer. They make my room interesting and help me get into the mood of the seasons.”

If you tend to prefer neutral and bright colors in your home, a subtle touch of color from your bed can bring a new and exciting feeling to your home. ‘your room without it is a big difference. Choose a piece of paper in shades of light pink, blue, yellow and green.

6. Add florals

Florals for spring? Excuse me (we deserve it). But seriously, there’s a reason why vases full of fresh flowers are so important to those who create them. “Adding fresh, beautiful flowers like tulips or hydrangeas in the first room of my house makes it smell and look like water,” the designer. Whitney Durham said.

Producer Charlie Hantman, on the other hand, is part of the emerald green hydrangeas and anemones. “There’s something about how hard they are that makes me forget about winter and start dreaming of summer,” she said.

But don’t worry—there’s no need to spend a ton of money during this beautifying process. “You can really have fun and be able to create something different with the colors and types of flowers that are offered at your local restaurant or supermarket,” the designer. Jennifer Hunter said. “You don’t need to be pretty here!”

7. Update your vases

When thinking about flowers, you can use this opportunity to upgrade your vase collection. The manufacturer Kate Jacobowitz She likes to display her fresh flowers and new vases and containers that she picks up online. “Etsy is a great source for fun, awesome pottery,” she said. “I love pieces with unusual shapes and color combinations; they’re even fun to stand on their own on a day when flowers aren’t in the cards!”

8. Lean into a tree

If you’re a plant person, bring in all your green friends this spring! “I was looking for a way to add more indoor plants to the room,” the designer Leah Walder said. “I use them as a centerpiece, on my bookcase, and in a basket by the entryway. It makes our house feel alive and ready for spring!” Whether you opt for a live tree or an existing faux option, the fresh feeling cannot be denied.

9. Change your coffee table paper

Don’t forget to give your coffee table a spring refresh, too. “I’m always changing my coffee table books,” says designer Muzynoski. “So when I have all the neutrals for winter, I can find some fun covers like pinks and tops for spring.” Not only will these books work as bathroom decor, but they will also give you and your guests something beautiful to look at while you’re sitting on the sofa.

10. Buy your own house

Home design trends make us want to change our homes all the time, but TBH, you don’t need to buy one thing to transform your space for every season, including spring. The manufacturer Ann Flanagan follow these practical tricks that will help add some oomph to your home without breaking the bank. When it’s time for a refresher, Flanagan will do it with one of the home decor panels he keeps in his basement. He explained: “This please is full of things that I love, but not everything that I love is everywhere.” “I play by changing pieces and others. Since I don’t subscribe to trends, many things are classic, and that’s how I stay fresh without having to go shopping.”

11 easy ways to freshen up your home for spring in just one day

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