10 productive things to do on Sunday

Like it or not, Monday morning is coming. But it doesn’t have to be the stressful thing that one day we make it out to be. There are productive things you can do on Sunday that can not only set you up for success in your week but also make Monday – the night I mean – fun. taste. In fact, when you spend your full Sunday breaking, moving, and preparing, you might even feel excited and motivated to crush that Monday meeting or book a workout. the body is strong. Don’t you agree? Read on for 10 ways to give yourself a Sunday boost and have your best week ever. Be warned: You’re about to start enjoying your Monday.

1. Grocery shopping, meal planning, and preparation for the week

Eating healthy can be as simple as being recommended so that you have the best options for you during your busy week. Plan when grocery shopping and prioritize fruits, vegetables, whole grains and clean proteins. You can also prepare by cutting or grilling meat, washing fruit, and preparing grains (such as rice and quinoa) or protein (such as chicken or hard-boiled eggs). The choices you make for your health and well-being are an expression of self-love, so choosing foods that you enjoy and support your health is an important way to invest in your well-being.

2. Speed ​​up the process

No matter how your work week goes, you’ll feel like it’s more manageable than some of those tasks you’ve been putting off (ahem and a pile of dirty clothes) is taken care of and a clean house is started. An hour’s cleaning or a quick tidy up can make a big difference not only in your environment but also in how you feel for the rest of the week. If important tasks such as deep washing the bathroom or organizing the bathroom feel difficult, start with a quick cleaning of the kitchen (doing the dishes and washing the machine), organize the room ( folding blankets and packing), and spoil you. bedroom (that means removing the clothes from the chair that you wear and are not ready for laundry).

3. Remove

Because everyone should hear it: You will not (should not) be “installed” 24/7. If your week feels overwhelming and dreaded Sundays, consider doing a digital detox for a while to de-stress. Mindlessly scrolling through social media or checking your work email may seem innocuous, but they can tire you out and ruin your weekend. Unless your job requires you to be on call, turn off all work notifications on the weekend to avoid your phone becoming a source of stress unless you’ve made a target time to go before Monday (more on which is below). Even if you’re on the go at work, try putting your phone on “Do Not Disturb” or putting a temporary lock on social media apps so you can actually recharge.

4. Choose a week of clothes

We make many decisions every day, even within the first few minutes of waking up: whether or not to hit snooze, when to turn on the coffee pot, what we will make for breakfast- it’s no wonder we all feel tired and worn out. . No matter how big or small, decisions add up; real fatigue determination. But the good news is that you can cut down on your decision making during the week by planning an outfit ahead of time. You’ll limit some decision fatigue during the week so you can spend more time on those important decisions coming up, and you might even find yourself excited about that sweat shirt or your new pair of shoes. instead of fear. next week.

5. Clear your inbox

You already know taking off on Sundays is important to recharge, but if you’re having a tough Sunday just thinking about your Monday to-do list, taking some time to get ahead can help. Sunday should influence like Sunday (instead of extending the work week), but spending just 10-20 minutes intentionally clearing your inbox or going through all your messages will help you start your week feeling ahead. If email is not a source of stress or you want to get rid of it, try scheduling your meetings and deadlines for the week instead. Think about how wonderful your Monday morning will be when you are ahead.

6. Set goals

At the beginning of the week, we always focus on to-do lists and goals, but what about setting goals or topics to focus on for the entire week? Creating a goal will help us feel better for the week, and it will allow us to replace negative thoughts with phrases that can help us feel lower or more confident. To try it out for yourself, pick an affirmation or “theme” (like being present, repeating, or having more fun) on Sunday and write it down each day in your planner. lest you forget it. Then, live your entire week around this belief or theme. Scary Scary, anyone?

7. Check on your budget and income goals for the week

Personal care isn’t always about bubble baths or face masks. Sometimes, self-care means feeling in control of your finances and your freedom. Although having a detailed financial plan and setting goals can help you reduce money-related stress and get what you want in life, feeling in control of your money does not require a lot of time and effort. Take five minutes on Sunday to check your bank account and credit card statements. Getting into the habit of checking frequently can help spot fraud early and will give you a better idea of ​​where you’re spending and where you can save. Set financial goals for the week, whether it’s putting some money into your savings account or investing in a program or activity that will improve your well-being.

8. Make fun plans for the week

Do you have Sunday horror? That’s because there is nothing in the week that you look forward to (and what a sad way to live!). Plan your week beyond just work meetings and the gym and make time for things to look forward to. For example, plan a dinner with your friends, invite your mother, or a few hours alone to cook that new dish you want to try. Instead of looking at Sunday as the end of a good weekend, start looking at Sunday as the start of a fun week.

9. Schedule a workout

You schedule meetings, times, and plans in advance, so why not schedule your workouts, too? Not only does having an 8 a.m. jog or a 5 p.m. exercise class on your calendar account for making exercise happen, but when you prioritize your health and well-being like you prioritize a meeting or coffee with your friend. , you say that your well-being is just as important as any other part of your life (because it should be). Treat your scheduled workouts like anything else on your calendar: Show up on time, be prepared, and don’t cancel at the last minute.

10. Organize your desk space

A messy workspace, stack of books, or groceries from last Friday can add to the feelings of stress, fatigue, and anxiety that come with the start of the work week, so minimize the distractions. as possible on Sunday. Clean out your desk drawers, organize documents or mail, and even wipe down your computer. If you don’t have a designated workspace or just work in an office, you’ll get the same benefits by doing your detox (AKA clearing out that folder of Christmas decorations that’s been sitting there since last December) , organize contacts, or install. every update (to avoid those annoying notifications throughout the week).

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