10 popular colors to try right now

There is no such thing as a nail polish. When it seems like all the nail colors in the world have “been there, done that,” the idea of ​​choosing one shade of pink is. again feels boring and pointless. But I am happy that there is no shortage of nail ideas in the digital age (thank you, Pinterest!), and trending nail colors are always at the forefront, almost asking to save us from decision making the end. After looking at the biggest range of liquid nail polish, I picked up several bottles of nail polish from the store, so now I’m starting to try them all at home.

If you’re like me and you’re ready to dress up your nails in a variety of ways (whether you choose to do them yourself or go to your nail artist), scroll down to the ultimate nail Color and join me in trying to please everyone. shades of time.

10 Trending Nail Colors We Love RN

1. Electric Blue

Ask our fashion editor: Blue is everywhere, the easiest way to test this trend in your efforts. Whether you go bright, French, or apply it as an accent nail, it will make an impact.

2. lemon lime

We saw a lot of neon colors last year, so we love that the same image is coming back, but in a softer way this year. Try lemon-lime for a fresh, refreshing taste.

3. Red classic

Maybe it was Taylor Swift’s Eras tour and her red lips that inspired this shade this year, but it’s always, TBH. It’s bright and fun but doesn’t feel too summer or holiday – it’s the perfect choice for someone who wants to take care of themselves.

4. Pink is neutral

We are seeing the “clean mani” look now more than ever. Whether you are going to the office or going to cocktail hour, this mani will look casual and beautiful.

5. Emerald Green

Maybe it’s the soccer sneaker trend that inspires this dark shade (we’re looking at you, Adidas Gazelles) or happy girl syndrome, but either way, we’re seeing a rise in the popularity of emerald green this year.

6. Lavender

Lavender is having a season and for good reason. It’s a fun, flattering shade that pops against any skin tone, and is the perfect choice for summer 2023.

7. Shades of pink

Whether you wear one or all of them (as above), every shade of pink is recommended. Bubblegum, fuschia, Barbie, millennial—we welcome any of our favorite colors.

8. Silverware

Silver is popping up everywhere across fashion, makeup, and hair styles, and we love to see it on nails. Whether you choose silver jewelry or add some silver rhinestones, this trend is perfect to try your hand at home (sorry).

9. Soft orange

If you are a lover of bright colors, this is the hue to try this season. The soft shade is simple and shows off, and it’s a nice change from the neon orange we’ve seen in the past.

10. Sage

If you’re not a fan of the emerald green shade we mentioned earlier, don’t sweat it. This beautiful shade of sage is very popular this year, and you can bet that you will find it in the hands of winter girls in your food during the summer long.

Nail trends come and go, but these 9 timeless shades will never go out of style.